Do you want to start to find RV Camping near me for free? Free camping means that you want to enjoy camping overnight, in your trailer or tent at a location without paying for the site. Free camping is another name of primitive camping, boondocking, dispersed camping, and dry camping.

Some campers love finding RV camping near me for free simply because they do not have to pay for money. Also, they choose free camping because they may offer no amenities. Other than that, the place is far away from the crowds or in the remote area.

Things To Brings for Free RV Camping Near Me

Since most campsites are free means that there will be no amenities, it is good to make careful planning. You should prepare everything, especially if you are camping in the wild and remote areas, such as a national forest. You are more than just to have RV, rent it, or have a tent. But, make sure that you also bring the following things:

  • Permits (If required)
  • Food storage, such as container
  • Garbage bags
  • Water for washing and drinking
  • Toilet paper
  • A shovel
  • Camp chairs
  • Table
  • Medicines

Ways to Try RV Camping for Free

1. National Forest

Owned by a government agency, national forests are public lands. You can find national forests in almost every state in the United State, even though not all of them provide dispersed camping.

Camping in this location is perfect for vans and RVs. Also, it is good for tent camping. Most national forests support dispersed camping with a limitation. For example, they may allow you to stay there for 14 days maximum. So, it is good to check their location first.

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2. Bureau of Land Management for RV Camping Near Me

Owned by a government agency, BLM or Bureau of Land Management is in the west of the United States. Usually, the locations offer you desert and open landscapes. BLM uses the land for various uses such as logging, resource extraction, recreation, and others. Again, you need to check for the local regulations because you cannot stay forever there.

BLM is a perfect spot for vans, RV, but not always for tents. We recommend you to do a little research first so you are finding the right place that will make you feel space offers more privacy for you.

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3. RV For Overnight Parking

Well, we cannot say that overnight camping is a camping activity, it is parking. You are staying there overnight. Mostly we stay in a developed area that lets you park your RV there and stay there for a night. For example, RV campers do this by parking at truck stops, Walmarts, rest areas, and others.

When it comes to RV camping overnight, there must be limitations and rules. Let us talk about Walmart in a town that allows you to do overnight parking. But, it does not mean that Walmart in all areas allows you to do the same. You need to read the posted signage. If the area is open, you should go inside and talk to the manager for asking for their permission. You may also want to read about places to visit for fall in 2020.


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