There are many things to do to enjoy fall such as decorating your room or enjoy the fresh outdoor air by exploring the best places for fall. If you have no idea about where to go to find the most breathtaking places before you are too late to enjoy the foliage.

Best Places for Fall – Lake of Ozarks (Missouri)

It is one of the best destinations to offer here. There, you can enjoy the view of fall foliage such as the maple, oak, ash, and hickory trees. The bonus is 1,150 miles of the shoreline. It is what you need to explore nature. The best time to visit this place is at the beginning of November.

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The great Smoky Mountains

This is a national park that is so popular where you can explore the historic areas such as Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Even better, you can stay for a few days at some hotels to pick. The best time to enjoy the fall foliage in Great Smoky Mountains is at the end of November.

Best Fall – The National Forest Scenic Byway (New Mexico)

It is the highest mountain you can find in New Mexico at 13,161 feet. The view is incredible especially if you explore the town of Taos. Make sure that you plan your travel really well because you may feel tired after a long drive. So, it is worth for you to stay at the best and comfortable holiday. Visit this place in early November.

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Cloudland Canyon State Park (Tennessee)

Nestled in northwest Georgia, this state park is at the west edge of Lookout Mountain. If you are from Chattanooga, Tennessee, then it only takes 25 miles to go here. It is amazing to enjoy the breathtaking views of the late, especially if you go to the Waterfall Trail.

This trail requires a short, but steep hike that will bring you to Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. Even you can explore the nearby cave with beautiful mineral formations. If you like hiking so much, then it should be one of the best places for fall this year, especially in the early of November.

Best Places for Fall – Big Bend National Park (Texas)

It is the largest and protected area in the United States. You can see more than 1,200 species of plants along with more than 450 species of birds. Also, this national park is a home for 52 species of reptiles. Other things to enjoy are seeing 75 species of mammals.

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This national park is what you need especially if you want to find the best places for fall only for camping and hiking. Even better, you can do something more such as backpacking to Chimneys Trail where you can find a majestic rock formation in the desert area. Other than that, you can enjoy the amazing views just like the one above Santa Elena Canyon Trail and Rio Grande River.

Those are all things you should know when it comes to fall foliage and the best places to explore for your next travel plan. What do you think? Which one the best is? You may also want to read about best resorts near beach in California.


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