Trip to Hawaii can be the best experience you must have. But, since this is your first-time experience to Hawaii, of course there are many things you must read. In Hawaii, you can explore some best destinations. It is not too much to say that Hawaii offers unmatched treasures.

It is because you can enjoy the dramatic cliffs when you go to the Napali Coast, located on Kauai. Or, you can go to the shores of Waikiki Beach, located on Oahu. Well, do you need a long sandy beach? Don’t worry, that you can do it at Papohaku Beach, nestled on Molokai. Head to the Hulopoe Bay and you will find dolphins. If you want to hike, you should head to Haleakala, located on Maui. Even better, you can enjoy Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Trip to Hawaii Means Choose The Hawaiian Islands to Explore

To help you choose, we provide you a complete description of each island to explore.

1. Trip To Kauai

Most people call it the Garden Island. Also, it is the largest island number 4. You will find the sharp mountain, the emerald valleys, and the jagged cliffs. Other than that, there are tropical rainforest, cascading waterfalls, and forking rivers. The crazier is that some parts of this island are not accessible. So, you can reach only by air or by sea.

There are many things to do here, such as kayaking at the Wailua River, or snorkeling at Poipu Beach. Even better, you can try hiking at Kokee State Park.

2. Oahu

Oahu has its own name, widely known as “The Gathering Place”. It is the third biggest island. Oahu has its highlight that is the diverse population. On this island, the east and west cultures meet together so it can show up the contrast between the modern and the ancient cultures.

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Oahu offers you sandy beaches, outdoor adventures and other ways to explore Oahu. Other than that, you can try surfing lessons in Waikiki. Alternatively, you should try snorkeling in the crystal clear bays.

3. Island of Hawaii

The nickname of this island is “Big Island”. It is because the island is the largest but the youngest. It offers double size as other Hawaiian islands. The best reason to pick this island is that it has four different climate zones, which are from Wet Tropical to Polar Tundra.

Also, the local attractions here are Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hilo, Hamakua Coast, and Punaluu Beach. You can do many things such as exploring the beaches, diving with manta rays, and paddleboarding.

4. Trip to Hawaii, Maui

It is the second biggest island and it has its popular name, The Valley Isle. Also, it is the home for many most popular beaches in the world. Other than beaches, you can enjoy hiking trails, family tours, swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.

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5. Molokai

As the fifth-largest island, Molokai offers the highest sea cliffs on earth. Some popular destinations on Molokai are Papohaku Beach and Kalaupapa National Historical Park. There are some activities to do such as exploring the natural beauty of the beaches, guided hiking, historical sites tour, and air activities, as well.

6. Hawaii Trip to Lanai

This is the last and the smallest island if you want to try to trip to Hawaii. If you are exploring Maui, Lanai is about nine miles from that island. On Lanai, it makes you feel like you are visiting two different places. The first will bring you to enjoy luxurious resorts, world-class amenities, and golf. Meanwhile, the second will bring you a true adventure. You can enjoy a four-wheel-drive vehicle to explore the rugged roads. You also may want to read about Maldives trip guide in 2020.




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