River cruising is the best thing that you should experience at least once before you die that you can take a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam or Prague. Cruising is valuable that you can enjoy everything for your unforgettable trip such as food, accommodation, transportation, daytime and evening entertainment.

We have shared about cruising to the Bahamas if you are from Charleston, and now we think it is interesting to continue your cruising journey from Budapest. Absolutely! We give you all things you should know about cruising from Budapest to Prague and Amsterdam.

3 Top River Cruises from Budapest to Prague

If you wonder about river cruises from Budapest to Prague for less than $4,000, check these out!

1. The Blue Danube Discovery (2020 to Prague)

Start your journey from Budapest to Prague. This is a cruise tour from The Blue Danube Discovery. You will experience 2 nights in Prague. After that, you will get a 10-day tour package To Prague, through Budapest, to Hungary, and other 8 destinations around Europe. You can enjoy both meals and accommodations for your two nights.

If you want more options, you can check the available offer for a river cruise to Prague in 2020.

 2. Classic Prague & Danube Delights 2020

Start your first journey in Budapest and you will stay there for 2 days. After that, this tour will bring you to Bratislava, Vienna, Regensburg, Passau, and Prague. What you will get is accommodation, transport, meals, and guide.

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3. Festive Season The Blue Danube Discovery

Enjoy 12 days starting from Budapest to the Danube and other seven destinations. After that, your journey will end in Prague. All accommodation, meals, guides, and transport got excellent ratings from past passengers.

Best River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam

Here is the best river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam for less than $4,000:

1. Magnificent Rivers of Europe (2020)

This is a 16-day cruising tour start from Budapest. You will spend two days in Budapest and after that, the cruise tour will bring you to Slovakia, Bratislava, Vienna, Austria, and other destinations. On the 15th day, you will visit Amsterdam, Holland and on the last day, you will head to Amsterdam (Disembarkation).

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The past passengers have given five-rated stars for the accommodation, guide, transport, and meal of this tour.

2. Magnificent Europe for Beer Enthusiasts (Westbound)

Enjoy 15-day of tour package from Budapest to Amsterdam. You will start your journey from Budapest, Hungary, and other destinations in Europe. In this service, the past passengers have rated excellent for accommodation and meals.

So, if you wonder about other options, check out here when it comes to the cruise tour to Amsterdam.

The last thing is about what you should know before booking your cruise. It is good to book earlier so you will have a solid plan. Also, it is better to join the email lists for the travel agencies or cruise lines. If it is all about your flight, it is good to book it separately.


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