Cruise to Hawaii is possible in the United States. As we know that most Hawaiian Islands are volcanic and each of the islands is unique. Each of them offers different attractions and climates. Therefore, it is more appealing to explore the island by cruising than others. There are many spots to enjoy such as Kauai’s Napali Coast, Waikiki Beach, Maui’s Haleakala Crater, and the verdant hills for the best coffee in the world.

So, if this year, 2020, your dream to cruise to Hawaii comes true. After dealing with all things, you must read these tips to make sure that your journey is unforgettable.

1. Best Time To Cruise to Hawaii

The peak season for people to come to Hawaii is in the winter months. It means during the Christmas holiday from the end of December to the first of January. It is because you can watch the whale. On the other hands, the peak season makes the flights are expensive. Other than that, you can travel with your family in the summer season. At that time, you can get Norwegian cruises.

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The best deal is the shoulder season, in which it happens from May to June and from September to mid-December. Also, to enjoy the great weather and the less-crowded cruising experience, it is good to plan your travel from Late to Spring season. On the other hand, you can get more cruising options in April, September, and October.

2. Cruise Lines to Hawaii

The only cruise line that will offer you all year season is the Norwegian cruise. Also, they provide a roundtrip to Honolulu. Other than that, there is a Small ship line, called Un-Cruise Adventures that will help you enjoy the seasonal trip around the Hawaiian Islands. It does not matter if you are from any California ports, there are Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, and Holland America provides you seasonal cruises to Hawaii. For those who want to enjoy the luxury cruise, they can try for Royal Caribbean.

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3. Other Tips To Know

Even though your plan is to cruise to Hawaii, but you still have to plan your flights. Traveling with kids means you should spend a single or two nights in California. So, they have enough time to break up the journey.

Additionally, you should plan for the transfer. Once you are at the airport, you need to go to Oahu’s cruise port and the Aloha Tower Marketplace. These places are 15 minutes to go. Also, it can be daunting to start the return trip from your cruise port to the airport. It is because you have to deal with the crowds for buses, long delays, and others.

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Cruise to Hawaii is great but there are some other things to know. For example, do not forget to spend your time on Hawaiian beaches. The beaches are for public access and free to use. Last but not least that travel to Hawaii means you are ready for expensive goods. Therefore, you should plan your budget carefully such as gas, food, and shore tours. It is also better to have more casual venues for a tight budget. You may also want to read about cruising Budapest to Amsterdam.


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